T-72s to Ethiopia, New Zealand SAS in Kabul…

…according to Jane’s Intelligence, Ukraine has inked a deal with Ethiopia to sell the country two hundred T-72 tanks. Details on the exact type are sketchy, but most likely the tanks are the T-72BM variant, with Explosive Reactive Armour bricks across the frontal arc and sides and angled armour on the bow.

More information has come out about the New Zealand SAS raid on a hotel in Kabul last week. The Times of London reports that the raid began at 10:45 local time when a suicide squad burst into the International Hotel’s ballroom firing randomly with Kalashnikovs and RPGs. A Crisis Response Unit of the Afghan Army responded to clear the building, but by that point several of the members of the suicide squad had already managed to get to the roof.

It was at that point that the NZSAS was called in to clear the building and roof. In the ensuing firefight, helicopter gunships were brought in as well as ground fire from surrounding Afghan troops before the Kiwis made the final assault which resulted in the entire suicide squad dead and two New Zealanders wounded. As of press time, stuff.co.nz reports that the injured SASers will make a full recovery.


2 Responses to “T-72s to Ethiopia, New Zealand SAS in Kabul…”

  1. Latest report is that the Kiwis may have been hit by friendly fire from the Afghani police.

  2. Cryptic Says:

    I hope the Ethiopians remembered to order transporters too. In either case, heavy armour seems to be a bad choice for Somalia. Maybe they are thinking about other uses.

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